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Olive Ashby is a bow tie and apparel company creating heirloom quality products in rural Virginia.  We think of you, our client, with every pattern drafted, fabric selected and stitch.  We are honored to share our creations with you!



Olive Ashby was founded by Lizzie, a mom of two spunky and loveable little ones who occasionally sings "Wild Thing" to said little ones.  And no apparel company would be complete without a talented Fabric Engineer we call ours, Gigi.


About Lizzie - When not playing in the dirt, running through the sprinklers (only when warm), or visiting the neighborhood horses I'm cooking and sewing.

You'll often find my little ones cooking with me and I LOVE it.  I truly enjoy hosting gatherings large or small they give me a chance to try new dishes, splurge on household goods and clean the house really well. 

All of the above things drive the hubs crazy but for some odd reason he puts up with my antics daily.

I am passionate about buying items crafted in the states and am proud and truly honored to share my creations with you.


About Gigi - Sewing is a family gift and I was taught by my patient older sister. I have spent my professional career in varies roles including finance in banking and entertainment industries.  Now as a hip grandma i enjoy play time with my grandchildren when I'm not sewing bow ties or clothing for myself.



You can check us out at www.facebook.com/OliveAshby


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