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Planning Travels


A road map to your goals

You know where you want to go.

Let's work together to create a plan and the content to get you there.

Since the beginning of time miscommunication has been in full effect. Together we'll talk about big and little picture goals, your constituents and tools.

Together we design a communication calendar, craft key messages and modes to share them with all of your constituents.

The plan can be created so that your team can implement or we can come alongside you to provide the regular support needed.

What Others Have to Say - 

"...whoever is putting your "Have You Herd" update emails together, please let them know they are doing a great job. They are really well laid out, love the information that is included, and it is just the right amount to digest in this format, with the pictures being worth 1000 words. :) Well done!"

Communications Plan: Projects
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