How do you Vote?

Post number #2 and already it's way too heavy for a site that's just about bow ties and dresses that make you look great no matter what you are doing- catching the Derby, shucking corn, meal with good friends or a wild game of shoots and ladders.

But here's the thing.

I choose sleep deprivation and acknowledging that I'm a little bit nuts because I choose to buy American made products whenever possible. And most importantly create American made products. This sometimes means forgoing making a purchase at all or picking up questionable end of the year gifts for a kindergarten class. (words not out yet but I may be forbidden from signing up for a class gift ever again).

I see every purchase I make as my vote. My purchase is my vote which tells my local Kroger what I want to see more of. And yes that sometimes means that I give kindergarteners pool noodles instead of much more conventional party favor. And yes that means that my daughters teacher literally gave her class an "in-service" on how to properly walk with a pool noodle and ride with one on the bus. But that's ok.

It's ok because my purchase is keeping a factory in business. It is paying someone's salary, who inturn gives back to their community by paying taxes and whatever else they choose. I choose to give someone hope that they can use their skills and talents towards their future.

So how are you voting? Do you see your purchases as a way to vote? I'll try to keep up a list of American made products and at least one "noodle" company making their products in the USA is Swimways (thanks Swimways!).

Stepping down from the soap box at least for the moment....

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