I'm an artist...

I'm an artist?

So a couple of months ago I received a private message via Facebook and was being invited to be the guest speaker to a Women's Ministry event at my church, Cool Spring Baptist. The topic was "art" and the event organizer, Lisa (she's my friend) said, "and since you're an artist we thought you would be great". I may need to verify the use of the word "great" but I was called an "artist". I reserve that term for those who can create real master pieces you know the kind that require a brush, paint and canvas. This message blew me away on so many levels -

1. I've never been asked to be a guest speaker. I mean that alone was very flattered

2. What truly blew my mind away was that I was called an "artist". I mean an artist...

My husband was driving when I read the message so I quickly asked him what he thought. I knew the week of the speaking engagement was going to be insanely busy you know those weeks -

- leading my daughters schools Talent Show (dress rehearsals, decorating and doing it - with help of course)

- Easter orders

- two day all day trainings

& then to top it off a 2 night weekend retreat with the high school youth group I volunteer with. It was just one of those weeks.

But I had been called an artist... I said to my husband in a hushed whisper, "What do you think it's going to be really busy. But she called me an artist...." it was almost too amazing to believe. I got the green light I think he felt like he had too since I was so excited. Over the next few weeks I saw myself differently. My medium is mainly fabric with colored pencils and tracing paper throw in. But I began to feel like an artist. And truly aren't we all artist we each have our own medium whether it's what we present to our family at the dinner table, delectable cupcakes or a beautifully manicured lawn. God created us in His image and so we too are part creators, part artist. We see beauty in others I think that's why we love going to the mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches or witnessing beautiful architecture.

Just as we crave our Lord we crave seeing his creations the incomprehensible beauty that is all around if we take a fleeting moment.

My artistic medium is fabric I enjoy searching for beautiful fabric with lovely colors and textures yet without shape or purpose. It's the cutting, stitching, snipping and pressing that transforms it into something with a purpose. I wonder if it's a bit like our lives just beautiful creations without much of a purpose until we are, cut through trials and experiences

stitched together in relationships with friends, family and God

Snipped along the way to give shape and allow for movement

Pressed to get all of those tiny flaws out so the garment can hang just right and so we can be our best What if all of it good and bad is just there to make us into the best version of us. I just hope the seam ripper doesn't have to be used on me too often....

That night during the women's event I shared my story mainly what I've already shared in this blog and while I have a lot yet to discover I hope I inspired someone to live out their inner artist is whatever capacity suits them.

And wouldn't you know it because God has a sense of humor that very evening after the talk I commented on a friends' companies new packaging on Facebook and she said "thanks that means a lot from an artist". Seriously!!!


Photo credits to Cool Spring Women's Ministry

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