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I'm aware that this statement sums up just about everything I do. And posting images of myself in swimwear is about the most insane thing I've ever done. But here goes... A few reasons I decided to test a swim suit - I've enjoyed other Laela Jeyne tests and patterns I LOVED the ultra high waist option of the Isla suit (!product-page/bwcua/a236b053-46d9-aac1-28f4-60cc175f99a6 ) I was on the hunt for the functionality of a two piece swimsuit but did not want another tankini Plus, the weather on my side of the globe had me longing for warmer weather So in review- This pattern was an absolute challenge and I would recommend it for an advanced beginner to confident sew-ist.

Does "challenging" mean bad stay away? Nope absolutely not. I for one don't want to sew up vanilla all the time. This swim suit made me think and gave my brain a bit of a workout.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely I believe so! As with all patterns a test run is a must and this version is technically my test run. Testing is recommended to be done with your lining fabric to work out the best size and make any necessary alterations and then transfer the changes to the pattern and of course your shell (main fabric). Sizing - Probably more critical with a swimsuit since there is little to no wiggle room for error so you will want to measure and re-measure. I ended up going down two sizes from my measurements. Partly because I believe my fabric quality wasn't amazing since this was only a test and wasn't as "gut sucking tight" as you might expect in a traditional suit and partly because I have been making healthier food choices... Yay me! (But I do miss ice cream and donuts :( Why I LOVE this swim suit (affliliate link for pattern -

Multiple waist length measurements Real straps which makes the top feel secure Twist front adds a bit of pizzazz Side panels make for fun versions and options like rouching which I did I went with a classic black since I believed it would forgive any errors I made along the way plus I could always use another black suit. Pick up your suit today (May 24th) while it's still on sale and get ready to pack up for your next waterside adventure!

Happy swimming!

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