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As you know my kids are often deprived of giving "fun" mainstream gifts (sorry to all kids / parents who invite us to parties) due to my determination to purchase as much products that are "made in the USA" as possible. You can learn more about my obsession in this post -!Foolish/n5su4/56dfa1f40cf2a71b043c0de6

My daughter is visual so allowing her to flip through the book and find projects that interested her was key to her buy-in.

She honed in on a microphone and guitar but they were sort of bigger projects with curves and such so I asked her to look for more straight lines. That's how we arrived on travel tic-tac-toe. Since I have an extensive stash she went "shopping" and found the felt and coordinating fabrics of her choosing all in mamas cabinet. I will say this project is a super scrap buster for those with odds and ends from larger project. We based our final project on the book and used the main base measurements but made our own board pieces, pockets and playing pieces. Customizing is what sewing is all about right? My daughter was excited for the one-on-one time and was super excited to be sewing all by herself. One aspect I didn't count on was how much she would enjoy trying new stitch designs. So almost every visible stitch is unique. If your machine has a speed adjustment I highly recommend setting it on the slowest speed to let your little love enjoy some independence. We started with my Sophia 2 Babylock on the slowest setting and when my girl gained a bit of confidence so she moved it to medium. The slower setting allowed her to take her time and concentrate on keeping the stitches straight. Total materials needed-

1/4 yard (only half the width) for the base Small scrap of fabric for the pocket or you can use the base fabric 2 felt pieces of coordinating felt about 9" of elastic we went fancy and used a FOE (fold over elastic) Thread Scissors *

Cutting mat and rotary cutter are great for this project*

*Leave all cutting to adults

The gift was a hit and I could see the pride in my sweet littles face when her friend opened it. My daughters friend sure knows how to receive a gift and she sent the kindest note which I forgot to make a copy of. Her family was headed on a road trip so the gift came at an ideal time. Will it make the top toy list? Um probably not but it will be fun on the road and certainly unique.

In a world where we are accustomed to running into the nearest big box store and picking up a quick gift I believe creating your own is refreshing. So, if your sweet child is interested in sewing this is a super fun and simple project that will provide you with a nice quantity of quality time. It's kid approved!

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