Last minute costume...

This year my plan was to purchase my daughter's costume I've been so swamped with orders (thank you!), taxes (ugh) and pattern designing (whoop! whoop!) that I thought buying it would be the easy route to go. I know, I know this is so not me normally....

But despite our best effort it became clear after an afternoon of shopping in person and then on-line that the only way my sweet girl would have her Peppa Mint Shoppie costume was if this sewing mama got to work.

After looking up our pay Peppa Mint I figured this would be doable with some finds both around the house plus one quick purchase (thanks to my mama for going to JoAnn fabrics). So here's what you need from head to toe -

- 1 headband

- Ribbon - we went with a Minty Aqua satin, Cafe Au Lait satin, and Hot Pink Grossgrain (all of the ribbon was saved from gifts I have received like the Cafe Au Lait color from a gift from my in-laws from Creme del al Creme on Cary Street in Richmond, VA)

- 1/4 yard (9") of brown felt - this ran us $1.49 at Jo-Ann fabric I believe my mom used a 40% coupon

- Long sleeve brown shirt - we purchase ours for $2.99 at Kid-to-Kid, a local consignment shop

- Cotton stuffing - I have a huge bag but you could use anything you have lying around the house even from a pillow you're about to throw out

- 7"x7" scrap of fabric any color you choose (this is for the ice cream scoop)

- 1 or 2 tutu's we went with pink

- Velcro (optional we had it on hand)

- Safety pin - if you are not going out to buy velcro

- Glue gun

- Hand sewing needle

- Thread

- Sewing machine - this is completely optional since you could totally glue gun the entire thing

The top -

I started with the shirt and used the Cafe Au Lait satin ribbon to create the "waffle" pattern on onside.

I pinned the first layer and stitched in down.

Then I added the second layer.

While I chose to sew it you can very easily and quickly use the glue gun.

After all costumes are often 1 time wear so be nice to yourself.

I then created what I thought was a good "fudg-ie" layer and stitched on the fudge on the right side of the t-shirt. This layer also hides the ribbon waffle cone raw edge.

Again I stitched but you can easily hot glue this part too.

I hot glued some scraps on the felt on top to give the fudge some "dimension".

Then I added 2 pink ribbon bows and hot glued them on.

Top complete! On to the skirt---

The Skirt -

We had these tutus from a previous birthday so to add some fluff my daughter will wear the hot pink layer on top of the light pink. Easy peasy step 1 complete.

To create more of the ooey gooey fudg-ie layer I created a "circle" skirt and then curved the edges to create the drippy effect.

I sewed on the velcro that I had on hand which happened to be a blue to serve as the closure for the fudge-ie layer. You can use a self-stick velcro or a safety pin to keep it on once your sweet child has it on (felt does not stretch so this is layer is added on top).

Skirt layers complete!

Ice cream cone headband -

For the ice cream cone head piece I used one of

my daughter's headbands and hot glued the minty ribbon on top along the ribbon edges so that the headband is not damaged though I'm not sure if my daughter will ever want to wear this headband without the cone...

I then created a cone with scrapes of the brown fudge and hot glued the edges.

I hot glued the cone to the headband and stitched the cone to the ribbon in a couple of spots (not necessary but I had my hand needle ready).

I created the pink ice cream scoop out of a small scrap of fabric that I cut into a big circle. This can easily be cut from something in your giveaway pile.

I hand stitched some big stitches around the circle and put in a handful of fluff and started pulling the thread at both ends so it would come together as a "scoop" I tied the thread ends together and hot glue it to the cone.

I also hand stitched the scoop to the cone in a couple of spots this is optional.

And ta-da I was done. Total cost for purchased felt and t-shirt was $4.72 including tax. That's a win in my wallet and best of all my not easily impressed daughter is thrilled. And it took me less time to make it than we spent shopping for it.........

Oh and I did splurge on a wig from Target it was $11.49 with tax and shipping. You could go out and buy hairspray for a minty hair-do but unfortunately those sprays don't work on my brown haired girl.

Happy Halloween!

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