Doing Life

"Doing Life"

it’s how i refer to living with the people around me. and sometimes my people change as my seasons change and that’s ok. i know it’s ok because Paul and Barnabas went on separate ways and because they did far greater things happened (check out Acts 15: 36-41).

i hope some people will never leave my side but i pray i always leave room for new people and that they are not cookie cutters of me — that would be scary — i don’t focus on best friends or creating perfect magical experiences (but i do love making a cake every now and then).

i simply am doing real life with my people. i don't focus on highs of highs as i would have a decade ago. it would be impossible to maintain that sort of schedule. i focus on my everyday and walking and loving those in-between moments that will make up most of my life.

i mean i do like an occasional spa day (my best buds introduced me to a great one last summer in Williamsburg and i hope to go back) but what gives me strength on my daily walk is sweet simple moments.

it’s about stealing moments

lunch dates at my house after preschool pick up and then making my friend make her own food,

it’s about having a breakfast catch up session at the local bistro before heading into work, and being intentional about showing that i care.

it's roasting hot dogs over the fire until the storms roll in and then chatting in the security of the screened-in porch.

and i love a fancy meal but i don't need it to make me happy.

it’s having a beautifully messy home and learning not to apologize about it (don’t worry neat freaks I do vacuum and mop but i’m just not going to worry about every piece of paper being picked up - sorry husband).

it’s about giggling until you cry when you overhear your friend’s little boy whisper an odd request, “mommy will you come up and kiss me good night when your hairs in a bun and you are wearing your glasses”. kids are funny and kind and sweet in such a tender way and i want to savor those moments whether it's my child or one close to me.

it’s balling your eyes out when a dear friend suddenly passes and all you can do is gather in your church sanctuary and pray and cry on a week day evening because your home church opened up their doors so you could all be together and hold each other up when life is too much to process.

it’s about the sweet moments the awful moments and being real or learning to be real.

it’s about taking off the mask or in my case the layers of masks and being ok with all my perfect imperfections

it’s about learning to enjoy those around you, those who God strategically placed to bless you, frustrate you, make you laugh, teach you a lesson or just to love and “do life” with.

may you find joy in the little things of the life you have been blessed to do.


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