Dear Jenna Bush Hager

Dear Jenna Bush Hager,

I felt compelled to write you as I'm at the beach and reading, ”Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you have not read the book she talks about putting ideas that are given to action. I feel these ideas are not merely given to me by the universe but rather by God. Probably the same way He spoke to prophets years ago.

Now have no fear I don't believe I'm a prophet but thought maybe you or someone else might need these words. So I'm embracing the thought that was given to me and sharing it because why else did it come to me while enjoying the Atlantic breeze with my toes being kissed by waves.

That’s when your story or Chanel's version of, “Spanx on a plane” came to mind.

I mean that could certainly happen to anyone. But what really struck me today, days later was the fact that when I see you on tv you seem rather perfect. I mean you have a great career, sweet girls and a hubby you seem to really enjoy doing life with all while living in an awesome city.

I could easily be jealous of you but then again I don't have to wear “spanx” for a plane ride. Don't get me wrong I wear them but normally only if I'm going to be in front of a group of people not while traveling. But I unlike you am not under the public eye and scrutiny.

Now clearly there is nothing wrong with wearing spanx but I can't imagine having to live a life where you always have to literally have it all together.

Your story was a good reminder to all of us who enjoy watching you that you are human and that your life while it may seem magical comes with a lot of scrutiny and spanx wearing.

I pray that along the way you are able to enjoy an occasional spanx free days where you don't always have to hold it all in and enjoy the perfect (perfect in the eyes of God not humans) life that God has blessed you with.

I pray this for myself too and others who may come across these words that we may enjoy the perfect life God created us to enjoy while living in communion with others. Not focused on our idea of perfection but His.

Until next time,


Thank you for being real for all of us ladies out here doing life!


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