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Margot Robbie’s dress gained some attention earlier this spring it seemed folks could hardly believe it took 680 hours to create 1 dress. And I love the "shock" and the attention her dress create!

As a designer and creator of all things fabric I often have people surprised at what I charge for clothing. Folks feel that it a dress cost $25 at a big box store or $105 at the local shopping center then mine should be about the same.

But as the creator I feel my prices are in fact quite reasonable. The trouble is that we are accustomed to purchasing pieces made abroad in third world countries and assisted by machines cutting out pieces in stacks of 100s.

And so for us creating pieces that essentially "couture" without being renowned designers it can be a bit hard to compete.

But some things can bring in some larger sums. Let's talk coffee...

Paying $5 for a coffee drink would not cause most people to bat an eye. It's what many expect to pay and do pay at least once if not twice a day.

Let's assume the ingredients are $1 that would mean that about $4 is the cost for the 5 minutes of service and experience so about $48 an hour is what consumers are charged.

Take this button down dress. The fabric by Free Spirit purchased at fabric.com was about $12 a yard and the pattern calls for 3 yards. So we're looking at $36 in materials.

This was my first time making the PDF Marco pattern by Sisboom so that was about an hour between printing, assembling and cutting out.

Because it was my first go at it the cutting and construction took about 6 hours not at one time but with starts and stops.

Let’s say after a few more creations I bring the cutting, sewing and ironing to 4 hours.

Assuming the hourly rate of a skilled coffee creator of $48 an hour the time for creating would be $192 and when we consider the materials of $36 the final cost would be would you pay $228 for a button down dress made with similar material as the one shown here.

How does that sound to you?

And here I"m only assuming the price people are willing to pay for someone who is creating a coffee which takes less time to perfect than someone with a skill to cut and construct a garment.

I'd love to know your thoughts.


PS. You can follow this MSN link to learn more about the 680 hour dress.

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