"So I had a melt down"

So I'm not going to lie I was having pretty stellar day today. Per usual I stayed up too late last night with a good book - I mean have you read Emilie Richards' Goddesses Anonymous series? If not I think she's a lovely writer with great characters and stories and are light while still hardy (have a lost you yet).

But despite only 6ish hours of sleep I was up early and eager to volunteer with my friend Amy and hang out with some sweet girls in GAs (Girls in Action). I mean what's more fund than greeting girls with, "Gday ankle bitters did ya have brekky? If not we'll be making fairy bread."

We were eating fairy bread, learning about Australia, refugees and being a missionary. This was good stuff. And maybe it was the fairy bread but these girls were super great for 8:30 on a Sunday morning.

And what could be better than fairy bread and a wonderful morning with my church family?

Following it all up with rowing.

As you may know I dislike working out more than anything but have recently learned about RowHouse and they do a pretty great job of making working out fun and challenging.

After rowing I was a mix of disgusting and exhilarated for having pushed myself and finishing a class to get me on some sort of fitness track.

And then as I pulled into my neighborhood cue the blue lights.........

Yes, I had a chance to wave at my next door neighbor as I pulled out my license and registration.

My crime. Having an expired inspection.

Yup, in my state I have to pay my dealership annually to tell me that my car is in fact in good working order.

So, I understand that criminals are caught for minor infractions so I appreciate that my community officers are out there making sure I am above board. While I was waiting to have my license reviewed I made a call to my mechanic and asked if I could go in for my inspection tomorrow.

But, as the officer returned he had a ticket for me!

Ok I get it there are rules and I simply forgot to follow this one.

As the officer went into how this was, "not a big deal" and how all I had to do was go to the court at 10:30am in two months and then the judge would likely dismiss the ticket I had a FULL BLOWN melt down. And that's about the time my husband and kids drove by... teachable moment...

Not a big deal would mean a warning. Not a ticket and 1/2 a day wasted in bureaucratic checks and balances. *just for the record I have no issues with police officers. I even organize appreciation events and sponsorships for my local sheriffs office*

Have you had a melt down lately? I mean tears, hysterics, the whole thing in front of a stranger?

I cried for what I consider unfairness, annoyance and complete frustration (I'm a mom, I work, volunteer and try to be a decent person who apparently forget things like inspections).

What have you had an ugly cry about lately? Oh you haven't just me? We'll I'll go back to reading way too late and enjoying a bowl of ice cream... or maybe fairy bread.

Here's to wishing you a good week and if you find yourself having a meltdown just know you're not alone.


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