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I visited Ashbea in her home studio this past spring when the weather here in Virginia was just trying to warm and Ashbea's cheerful home surely exuded the warmth and cheer of the warmer months to come.

I learned about her from a fellow MOPs (Mother's of Preschoolers) mom when I was looking for new makers to invite to a local market I put on in the fall.

*Side note - I'm now too old for MOPs since my baby is in 2nd grade. Cue the tears*

While I snapped photos and chatted Ashbea's hands worked at ninja speed as she skillfully created a string art logo while we talked.

As a maker I enjoy watching the process of others. How spaces are set up and what inspires them.

Ashbea is an artist and creator at heart and it was incredible to see her process and watch the logo she was working on come to life in front of me amid tiny nails and varied colors of embroidery floss.

But her talents are not limited to string. She is a mama with many talents. Her mediums include string, paint of all kinds and wood (maybe I made this one up).

More recently she has combine her love of painting with string art and has created magnificent wall art with state themes.

But beyond her impressive artistic side the one aspect I learned about Ashbea that most admired is that she knows when to ask for help.

As in she has a mother's helper come a few days a week to allow her time to focus on her business. She has hired someone to assist with her social media as well.

Ashbea knows her strengths as well as her time limitations as a mama of two toddlers and she uses her time wisely.

*This is something I have not mastered AT ALL but hoping my visits with other makers will teach me many lessons*

In Richmond you can find Ashbea's art in local coffee shops and boutiques but for those farther away I encourage you to check her out at or on social media @ashbeaart

Oh and while she is a bit of a local treasure do note that this talented mama has created a piece for Jason Mraz *cue my swooning*

Thanks Ashbea for allowing me to enter your workshop and sharing your space, talent and time with me!

Who are your favorite local treasurers?

Are you a maker how do you juggle your art and life?

Until next time,


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