The one when I almost got worms for Christmas...

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

My kids go to a tiny little school but when it's a party day it would seem that 4 times as many students attend because everybody goes. I'm 6 years in and though early is not my thing I was there 30 minutes before the set-up time to claim one of the last 3 parking spots left *yes* 3.

As I was waiting for the set-up time I was hanging out in the office and overheard the staff answering calls from parents about a "robo-call" made from the school. I didn't think much of it until a friend said, "what was the robo-call about?"

She was then told that the bath bombs sold at the Holiday Store had "bugs" in them.

When they said bugs we figured yikes a fake roach. Can you imagine you're in the tub and all of sudden a fake bug appears! Eeekkk.

But no these bath bombs did not have fake bugs they had REAL bugs.

Yes, you read that correctly... REAL bugs.

The moment I heard that I thought to myself. Yup, we probably have one of them at home. My daughter is a bath bomb LOVER. She loves buying them, using them and giving them.

The parties went on we had tons of fun the kids in my son's class even made these cute "melted snowmen" . This was a great "craft" as it served as the activity too. *mom win*

But the topic of the bugs was pretty big.

As the parties closed my daughter came into my son's class with a sad little face. She said, "Mom I'm sorry you won't have a Christmas gift. Your gift has worms!"

She went on to share that the bath bomb was used the night before by the purchaser and they had 62 tiny worms come out in the tub!!!!!

The family then called a couple of other families who they thought may have purchased the bath bombs and they placed them in a bucket and they had worms TOO!!!

Despite how incredibly gross this is I'm thankful that everyone was alerted of the problem. But here's the thing. They were purchased from an online giant that many of you purchase from often.

This incident allowed us to talk about why I'm obsessed with purchasing items from local makers. Obsessed with making sure we do not purchase items that we consume or apply topically from countries with unsafe practices.

As we talked about it my daughter said, "I bet I know how it happened. When I make bath bombs at home I have to use water. I bet they used water that was contaminated."

We went on to talk about how when we travel we often don't drink the water or use ice and how even if the water is safe the different minerals can effect us until we become accustomed.

The incident offered us opportunities to experience why we are careful with our purchases. And we are incredibly grateful that the incident was shared and that the PTA and school quickly shared the incident and that they will be refunded the students money.

If you purchased bath bombs or other items this Christmas season make sure you are careful and pay attention to the country of origin. And don't simply rely on the big retailer to vet their vendors.

Thank you to all the makers who create items with the highest standards and ingredients.

Merry Christmas!

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