Little Women

My daughter read, Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth recently so when she heard the movie was coming out on Christmas day she knew she wanted to watch it over break.

I must admit that growing up I was far from a voracious reader. I read what was required and leaned heavily of my pal Cliff...

But something clicked after college and I seldom turned on the television in my NYC room and I found comfort in reading. I learned to love reading and have been reading for pleasure ever since.

Knowing we'd be watching in the movie in a couple of weeks I knew I needed to read the book since I honestly couldn't remember if I had ever read it in school. And with time not on my side I listened to, Little Women, on my library audible app, Hoopla.

I was hooked within in the first 15 minutes and wanted to be friends with the March sisters. I wanted to be a part of one of their tableaus. The story was so sweet and raw and perfect. I didn't have to worry if my children walked in while I listened and I longed for simple times with imagination and capital ideas.

While I realize I didn't read the book the 30 hours I invested in listening made me fearful the movie would not accurately portray the March sisters. I mean how could you possibly capture their lively spirit in under 2 hours. The movie took about 2 hours and 15 minutes and I thought the director Greta Gerwig did a splendid job.

The book has been retold on film so many times and I loved the "flashback" approach tying the little mysteries together.

The movie took Jo to have a "stronger" feminist stance than the book but since Louisa May Alcott never married maybe this is the ending she would have liked.

If you loved the book, would love a movie to watch with your children (and not be worried you'd have to cover their eyes), or need a great feel good story I so strongly recommend the book.

Beyond the story line I of course found the costuming to be dreamy. I was a bit stunned to learn in the book and movie that Meg paid $50 for 20 yards of silk and then would have to pay for notions and the actual making of the dress. Interesting that these days people pay far less for their clothing...

I suppose some things increase in cost and others decrease.

After watching the film what I want most is to create the cotton / linen night gown that Jo wore with the cotton lace neck trim. Oh and to wrap my scarfs around my top and it in the back as the ladies did here -

Please let me know if there are any pieces you want to make or wear. And of course tell me what you thought of the movie.

We watched it at the Bowtie in Richmond in the tiny theater and because I am only every 5 minutes early we ended up switching our tickets to the later showing. The manager at Bowtie was very kind to let us do it and said that the film was booked in the smaller theater but continues to sell out and will be moving to the larger theater soon. Yay!

Because we had time between showings we enjoyed the most delicious gelato at Gelati Celesti I had sweet potato because why not try something different and my own little woman enjoyed Salted Caramel in a yummy waffle cone (well I didn't actually get to taste it...).

I do hope many are able to enjoy this sweet tale of hope, true friendship and family.

Merry Christmas,


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