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Let's talk relationships

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

No, we're not talking about boyfriend and girlfriends and going back to middle and high school we're talking about relationships between an organization and its - customers, employees, vendors, donors, volunteers and other supporters.

In a world where we often click a button to show support when friends share anything big and small it's time to show up beyond the click.

What does that look like for your business? Well, that depends on the goods or service you are providing but it can start by simply acknowledging your customers with a genuine smile and greeting when they come through your door or call you.

It can mean sharing news with your volunteers, employees and key stakeholders first - and sharing in a way that is meaningful and accessible to them. Is it easy. Yes, it actually can be but it takes planning and being intentional.

Some easy places to start -

- Set a reminder for birthday's or other meaningful days, note how they like to interact - text, call or personal note.

- Share, share, share - we can be in the weeds with the daily to-do's. Set aside time to regularly share a picture, image or video of the highlights to help connect your stakeholders with your organization.

- Say thank you - we get busy but find ways to thank those who make it possible to do what you do.

We're in it together and we are made for relationships. Take the time to make those who support you know that they are way more than just a number.

Need help finding ways to connect with your stakeholders? Let's chat.

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